More renewals, shorter void periods, maximum NOI
// Yield Control

Connected leasing and resident management

The only resident management system designed to simplify and automate leasing for modern property managers and institutional owners.

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11,000+ homes powered by Residently

A next-gen rental operating system

Simplify, streamline, automate

Residently automates all of your repetitive tasks by bringing together marketing, offers, referencing, contracts, communications, payments, maintenance, services, and renewals into one place. Turn your unstructured emails, forms, data, and spreadsheets into simple structured workflows, saving you 7 hours per lease.

Built for teams

Residently allows in-house and external teams to coordinate across the entire resident journey to deliver one seamless 5-star experience for residents with unified tracking and reporting for your teams and owners.

Create your data advantage

Manual data entry is slow, frustrating, and often forgotten. This limits the amount of property and tenancy data available when making decisions. With Residently, you receive analytics with detailed operational and marketing metrics giving you the insights to drive higher yields and better outcomes.

Happy residents = happy managers = happy owners

Our mobile app delivers the modern experience your renters expect. They can complete their application, set up home move-in services, pay rent, view all their documents, raise maintenance requests, and renew their lease all in one place.

Onboarding and training

Our data migration tools use AI to clean, transform and import your existing property and tenancy data into our platform so you can get started today.
Plus, a dedicated account manager will be with you every step of the way.

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Marketing: Save £1,000 per let

Built and designed exclusively for in-house lettings teams. Control your experience, unify your data, and create a first impression that lasts.

  • Listings and lead management
  • Pre-qualified viewings
  • ai. powered insights
  • Exclusive Rightmove pricing

Leasing: Reduce admin hours by 20%

From offer to move-in monies, simple structured workflows keep your teams on track and informed in real-time.

  • One journey from offer to move-in
  • Built-in referencing
  • Generate and issue contracts in 5 clicks
  • Move-in payments and home set up
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Community: 94% app download rate

Happy residents stay longer. That's why we bring together everything you need to deliver an experience worth renewing for.

  • Community cards and events
  • Surveys and feedback
  • Communications
  • Maintenance
  • Payments

Powerful features

Analyse your data

Get a holistic view of your operations and make business decisions with confidence.

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Built to collaborate

In-house and external teams singing from the same hymn sheet.

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Compliance check

Complete audit trails in a secure environment for seamless teamwork.

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Dedicated support

Dedicated account managers and support are on hand when you need.

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Easy to use

Navigating is a breeze, thanks to its user-friendly design and straightforward features.

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Smart sync

Data is synced real-time so all of your team are always up to date.

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Customer reviews

"At Bricklane, we are committed to offering a best-in-class rental experience. To date, we’ve received incredibly positive feedback about Residently from our tenants who greatly appreciate the convenience and efficiency of being able to manage their entire tenancy through a single, easy-to-use app. Similarly, our investors value the fact that tenants are well looked after and receive a market-leading service."

- Jalal Ahmed
Head of Portfolio Management

"For some time, we were looking for a digital solution that would speed up and improve the signing-up experience for our prospective residents and reduce our costs. Residently have achieved this. Their platform effortlessly guides customers all the way through to lease signing and beyond. We really like the real-time visibility you get as this helps us deliver the best possible sign-up experience to our residents from the moment we receive an enquiry."

- Amy Davis & James Watkins
Asset Managers

"Residently provides us with a more structured, applicant-friendly approach that creates a first impression that lasts throughout the tenancy. Clients like Bricklane are looking to establish a brand, so you know the quality of property you're going to get. This is quite a young portfolio, but we've already had people saying, “Have you got any other properties anywhere else that we can move into?”

- Eddie Kapadia
Portfolio Manager

“We evaluated a few property managers, but we chose to partner with Touchstone because of their tech—the whole backend, linking everything together with the app, maintenance, and payments. If we are to bring that whole institutional professionalism to it, then the tech is fundamental. Another deal-clincher for us was that none of the other property managers had the technology or ability for us to drive an in-house model. We can save a huge amount across our portfolio by bringing leasing in-house. Plus, when you’re trying to build a brand, your messaging and what you stand for need consistency, and Residently gives us that control.”

- Nick Woodward
Lettings Director

Modern managers run on Residently

Deliver the professional experience your renters and clients deserve.

Set your team free

Give your team the time and tools to delight renters and increase yield.

An extension of your team

Get dedicated support from our in-house operations and technical teams. We’re always ready to help.

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