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We know that you know that getting set up isn't going to be easy, but we've invested in some of the best technology around to help make it easier for our teams to deliver a bespoke onboarding and training experience for you and your teams.

Dedicated support and onboarding team

Strategic workflow mapping and account set-up

ai-powered data migration tools

Comprehensive customised training program

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Driving your business forward

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Your dedicated support team

A dedicated support team will be with you at every step to ensure a seamless launch of Residently for you and your teams - from product set up to team training and everything in between.

We take the time to truly understand your business' needs

Work to drive true operational change and not just add sticking plasters

Strategic workflow mapping and account set-up

We'll map out your operating workflow, plan your deployment and set up your account to reflect your operation's unique needs.

Workflow mapping

Account, portfolio and dashboard creation

Contract set up

Approval layers and permissions

Branding and white labelling

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ai-powered data migration

Our data migration tools use AI to clean, transform and import your existing property and tenancy data into our platform.

Our system is PMS agnostic so can connect with any platform

Data tooling to proactively diagnose data issues before they become a problem

Our tech team and your dedicated support will be on hand to oversee the process from start to finish

Customised comprehensive onboarding and training program

We approach training in a way that makes it accessible for your team now and in the future.

Digital onboarding and training hub

Custom end-to-end demos

Personalised 1-1 setup training

Partner Help Centre and LiveChat

Ongoing training and team development

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Your partners for success


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