Built and designed exclusively for in-house lettings teams. Whether you're using third-party agents or managing lets in-house, our platform gives you the power to control your experience and create a first impression that lasts. Listings, enquiries, and viewings, all in view with built-in automation to make finding new residents a walk in the park.

Listings and portals

Create and manage listings directly from the product and publish them to Rightmove.

Viewings and events

Set viewing availability on your schedule. Create individual slots at regular intervals for private viewings or host events to handle multiple viewings in one time slot. Plus, set limits on number of viewings.

Customisable pre-qualification

Save time manually qualifying leads by setting qualification rules to easily filter and sort who you should prioritise. Automate who can book viewings based on pre-qualification and save the rest for if you need.

Enquiries and lead management

All of your enquiries will sync back into one view so you never need to leave the platform. And with all of your leads in one view with pre-qualification, you can easily cross sell your other properties.

Automated comms

Our product has built in comms to keep prospective renters informed at every step of the process. Add reasons and comments to templated messages to save time and keep everyone informed.

Compare your listings

See how your listing compares to similar properties. Track trends like time-on-market and interest to reduce void and maximise value.

Everything, all in one place

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