For Team Managers

Give your team the keys to unlock growth

Residently makes collaboration easy by connecting the process across your different functions.

Whether you're running lettings in house or through third-party agents, you get a single view of your operation and standardised data sets to measure your performance.

And with less time being spent on repetitive tasks, your team has more time to build better interactions with residents and drive higher yields.

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Track every interaction

Every property, every interaction, all in one view. Marketing, offers, referencing, contracts, communications, payments, maintenance, services, and renewals.  

Solve issues fast

We organise all of your tickets allowing to keep track and prioritise your work.

Connect the dots

With everything all in one place, you get an absolute view of your operations. Marketing performance, applications, renewals, resident sentiment.

Deliver an experience that stands out

Deliver an experience that stands out from the crowd.

Tools you can trust

Fully compliant workflows with audit trails can free you to do the work you want to.

Compare your listings

Get real-time comparable pricing and recommendations to maximise returns for your owners.

Everything leasing, all in one place

By connecting every interaction, streamlining workflows and automating repetitive tasks, we increase ease, efficiency and yields across the entire rental process.

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